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Yadcf – Yet Another DataTables Column Filter

December 17, 2013 1,037 views AjaxTables

Yadcf is a jQuery plugin that allows the user to easily add filter components to table columns, the plugin works on top of the DataTables jQuery plugin.

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jQuery Price Format Plugin

November 5, 2013 364 views Form Elements

jQuery worth Format may be a plugin to format input text fields as costsfor instance, if you kind 123456, the plugin updates it to US$ one,234.56. it’s customizable, thus you’ll use alternative prefixes and separators (for example, use it to urge R$ one.234,55).

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Rondell may be a jQuery plugin for displaying galleries and different content the means you would like.

The rondell are often controlled along with your keyboard, by clicking the controls or by clicking the rondell things. Touching things and swiping on a phone or pill laptop can work too.

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Rondell – Display Images and Other Content in Nice Way

October 2, 2013 350 views Validation
Rondell may be a jQuery plugin for displaying galleries and different content the approach you wish.

The rondell are often controlled together with your keyboard, by clicking the controls or by clicking the rondell things. Touching things and swiping on a phone or pill pc can work too.

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3D Image Gallery Room

October 2, 2013 451 views Gallery
3D Image Gallery area is associate experimental image gallery with a practical touch: the photographs ar displayed in an exceedingly 3D area with walls.

the thought is to make a practical surroundings for a picture exposition victimization CSS 3D transforms. pictures ar “hanged” on a wall which can have associate finish. Once the tip of the wall is reached, a rotation can happen and we’ll be turned to subsequent wall whith additional pictures. to convey a true sensation of being in an exceedingly area, we tend to solely have four walls and corners. every image can have a bit description tag with a small-sized font and once clicking on that, a bigger version can seem from below.

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GalleryView – Flexible jQuery Photo Gallery Plugin

October 2, 2013 357 views Gallery
GalleryView could be a versatile jQuery ikon gallery plugin with a good vary of choices. The goal of this plugin is to make one plugin capable of making a good form of gallery sorts.
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Fotorama – Simple, Stunning, Powerful Gallery

October 2, 2013 383 views Gallery
Fotorama may be a easy, stunning, powerful Javascript gallery. it is easy to put in, supports all browsers, on the market as a wordpress plugin too.

Easy Install
Link to script. Wrap pictures. Enjoy.

All Browsers
From that is vi to hunting expedition on iOS. together with Opera and golem.

Great for WordPress
Also comes as a WordPress plug-in for galleries.

Neat and clear
Looks nice by default, even higher together with your settings.

In-page and full screen
Compact in-page and epic full-screen mode.

Touch gestures
Great response to tug and swipe.

Adjust And alter
Customize everything with settings, CSS, callbacks and API. Everything.

Set Fotorama breadth in p.c and have it regulate size mechanically.

Work with pictures, links, divs, tables, paragraphs and additional.

Make Slide-Show
Let Fotorama play photos mechanically. The show can stop on bit.

Use Hashes
Have browser bear in mind wherever you left off with hashes within the universal resource locator.

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No got to click. simply hover over the photographs to enlarge them
Real Animation of the image. Not solely enlivening a placeholder div as in most lightboxes
Support for image captions via EL attribute
Centering pictures in viewport
Scale image to suit in viewport
choices to manage speed of animations
Complete management of the fashion with css
ten computer memory unit minified
hoverIntent enclosed as associate degree choice
Debugging message
Free and Open supply

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tooltipsy – jQuery Tooltip Plugin for Control-Obsessed Designers

tooltipsy may be a jQuery tooltip plugin that merely give extraordinarily economical tooltip practicality. Tooltipsy offers you complete management over the CSS, animation, and position.

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